Aussie Shave

Australians have been ripped off for decades by foreign companies...

We don't think Aussies should pay $25 - $30 every time they buy razor blades. When did razors become so complicated? Crocodile Dundee used a knife - and told the time by looking at the sun.

Marketing has gotten out of hand and most of the money we are spending goes to sports stars and celebrities. Frankly we think the money should remain in your pocket. Time and time again we hear of "Big Shave" companies using their media power to crush their competitors. We are AUSTRALIAN and will fight for the right of Austrailans to get a fair deal.

We travelled the world to find factories that can produce 'brand name' quailty razors and have cut out the middle man to save you up to 70%. We created special 2, 3 and 5 blade razors with stainless steel blades, lubrication bars, and pivoting heads.

But we are aussies and know that you need more...
We always forget to buy our razor blades so we decided to simply send them to your door every month. You can cancel anytime so it is a low-commitment decision - No more looking like a bogan for a hot date.

And remember, unlike many of our competitors we are a wholly owned Australian company.

Start Shaving
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