Quality razors

'Brand name' quality razors - Direct to your door.


"Are you the bomb, are you successful, are you the man?" This is the ultimate in blade technology (without the nonsense) and bloody cheap too. Come on mate! Are you really telling Bruce that you can't afford a couple of bucks more for the best? Just imagine if your girlfriend saw this blade on your bathroom sink - she would know you're a genius and a quality man. Get the best quality blade for 1/3 of the price that gets you ladies. You are the man.


This is a “brand name” quality triple blade that is suitable for men or women. The TripleX is the Aussie Commodore of blades and is known as the "Aussie Blade". It is designed to satisfy the hardest critics of both genders - fully and completely. A top quality shave for both men and women, it is fulfilling for your whole body - the face, legs, armpits, or anything else.


Nothing special just simple but bloody oath it is cheap!. It is the 81' Holden of blades it drives through your outback of your manliness. Not posh it simply gets you from A to B.

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